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My name is Edward Abela, A Maltese composer resident in London with a Masters in music performance, production and composition for film and media. During my years of study, I have written music for a number of trailers and adverts, and film projects for both aspiring and established independent filmmakers.

My goal as a Composer is to collaborate with other artists in similar or different mediums to try and create something beautiful, which will allow people to connect with it on an emotional level.
Through these collaborations I have written music for various different styles and forms: From composing for narrative film to music for a contemporary set of choreography, musical theatre and many more.

Through this, I was able to gain extensive experience in taking multiple roles in projects be it performer, writer, sound designer and I have learned that collaborating with these different people in the media industry has allowed me to approach each project with a different perspective. Most recently I have been working with known producer Benny Di Massa in artist development. With each experience gained I have continued to increase the number of instruments I needed to learn to understand.

I now play a number of instruments including the piano, violin, guitar and bass guitar. These experiences have thought me that there is a huge amount of talent in London and to make these projects something that will attract people of all ages, we need combine talents from different areas of media. My Services range from Composing music for film & television, orchestration, to session vocal recordings and I also provide my services as a session musician.

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